Media Release: Damian Kidd issues statement on Chaffetz Townhall


Damian Kidd issues statement on Chaffetz town hall
Damian Kidd says Chaffetz denied constituents of rights to free speech and to petition government
American Fork, Utah - February 10 2017 — Republican Damian Kidd, challenger to Jason Chaffetz, released the following statement in regards to Jason Chaffetz’s early departure from the town hall he held on February 9, 2017 in Salt Lake County. 

“It is reprehensible that Representative Jason Chaffetz cut his town hall meeting short and left early. Hundreds of constituents had gathered to exercise their Constitutional rights to petition government and exercise free speech. Many never got a chance to ask their questions of their representative. Now in his ninth year in D.C., it’s clear that Mr. Chaffetz always makes time for the television news cameras, but does not make adequate time for the people he is supposed to represent. As seen in both the hearings he chairs and this town hall, Mr. Chaffetz’s demeanor and actions have become issues. He has become a great divider and an ineffective leader, constantly self-promoting while disregarding his constituents.” 


Background Information
Damian Kidd grew up in potato country, in Blackfoot, Idaho.  He has lived primarily in Utah County since 1996.  Damian is married to Jenifer Miller-Kidd from Springville, and they live in American Fork with their three children, ages two to 10 years.  Mr. Kidd has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Brigham Young University and a juris doctorate from the University of Idaho.  His law career includes serving as a deputy prosecuting attorney for Bingham County, Idaho, before moving back to Utah and joining the law office of Driggs Bills & Day. He is a candidate seeking the Republican nomination to represent Utah’s Third Congressional District currently held by Representative Jason Chaffetz.
Contact Information
Name: Damian Kidd
Telephone: 801.709.4778
Facebook: damianwkidd1
Twitter: @damianwkidd