Vocal Opponent of Jason Chaffetz Becomes Political Opponent


Vocal Opponent of Jason Chaffetz Becomes Political Opponent

Damian Kidd announces his candidacy against Jason Chaffetz in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, says response to testing-the-waters phase made decision easy.  

American Fork, Utah - January 31, 2017 — Republican Damian Kidd, from American Fork, took to the radio airwaves early Tuesday morning to announce that he is launching a campaign to give citizens in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District an alternative to Jason Chaffetz. Demonstrating subtle irony, the announcement was made on X96, which refers to itself as “Utah's Original Alternative.”

Kidd stated that his testing-the-waters effort was not meant to predict the chance of winning but to receive feedback to inform a decision on launching a campaign at all. He went on to explain that the feedback was clear to him quickly and led to Tuesday’s announcement.

“Going into what the Federal Election Commission (FEC) calls the testing-the-waters phase, I didn’t fully know the range and degree of frustration and dissatisfaction citizens, groups and his own peers in D.C. feel toward Mr. Chaffetz, but I definitely expected those sentiments to exist at some level because people have been paying attention to Chaffetz.

“I quickly found that enough people are interested in an alternative to cause me to launch this campaign. I can’t tell you at this moment that I know I have this or that percent chance of winning, but I can tell you that a principled, qualified, dedicated and objective candidate has a viable chance of defeating Jason Chaffetz, and I can tell you that I am those things” said Kidd.

Damian Kidd named several common complaints he heard about Chaffetz but admitted that growing discontent with an opponent isn’t enough, alone, to win this election.

“I’m sure it has happened before - somebody wins an election that turns out to be more against an opponent than in favor of the winner, but that’s not the campaign strategy I’m going to employ. I may reference the issues and vulnerabilities Chaffetz has created for himself because I want people to know that I understand these things too and that I commit to do things differently. But from this point, I plan to put myself out there so people can get to know me, and I can get to know all people of Utah’s 3rd District.


“I think Chaffetz will continue to do the things he has done for almost a decade - seeking media attention, chasing higher office, applying oversight based on personal interest, calculating decisions, flip-flopping and, most recently, responding to complaints waged against him, but what we are going to do at the Kidd campaign is get people together to talk and listen. We will discuss Utah and Washington, D.C. We will talk about what Utah needs from D.C. and how to get those things done. We will discuss what Washington, D.C. wants from Utah and how to best deal with those things.

“Mr. Chaffetz is losing credibility and support at home and in Washington, D.C.. I am ready to serve as congressman to represent the 3rd District and, really, all Utahns. I’m ready to make sure Utah has a seat at the table on issues important to us.

“I will work to protect the private sector because I will actually commit to return to it after no more than four two-year terms. Being a congressman should not pay enough to retire on, and if it does - well - then something isn’t quite right,” said Kidd

Damian Kidd grew up in potato country, in Blackfoot, Idaho.  He has lived primarily in Utah County since 1996.  Damian is married to Jenifer Miller-Kidd from Springville, and they live in American Fork with their three children, ages two to 10 years.  Mr. Kidd has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Brigham Young University and a juris doctorate from the University of Idaho.  His law career includes serving as a deputy prosecuting attorney for Bingham County, Idaho, before moving back to Utah and joining the law office of Driggs Bills & Day.